All Volunteer Staff

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Our volunteer board and staff alter egos. Click on the images to find who they really are…

Here’s the current list of our Board of Directors and other Core Volunteers :

Core Volunteer Board of Directors

Have an idea, suggestion, concern or complaint that you would like the Board to know about? Email  Board meetings currently occur every other week.  They are open to the community. Email if you would like to receive meeting times and agendas.

  • Barb Andree, Chair / Treasurer
  • Ian Baird, Secretary
  • Monty Mcpheron, Director
  • Kristin Pomykala, Director
  • Gavain U’Prichard, Director
  • James Wheeler, Director, Thoreau Rep

Other Core Volunteers

Want to join the growing list of folks who give of their time and skills to help The Commons thrive? All levels of help are valued and appreciated. Email

  • Kent Gallaway
  • Mark Heffernan
  • KJ Jakobson
  • Neil Knutson
  • Amy Petrozzini
  • Thoreau College Students, Fellows and Faculty

Many, many other individuals give time in large and small amounts as needed to help maintain and ensure the smooth operation of our facility and to support the initiatives of many individuals and groups who utilize The Commons Community and Arts Center.